Sunday, April 5, 2009

As I mentioned, this was my favorite part of Sea World this year. She was feeding the penguins their evening meal and we got to ask lots of questions and watch the cute little guys. Kaleb was very into too. It was late in the day, around 5 pm and notice that Kaleb has his hood on, it was chilly. She had been their caregiver for 6 years. She could tell them all apart and knew who had been feed and who hadn't. Yes, it was all very interesting.

I'd love to find the same picture we took of Mykenna so many years ago when we first visited Sea World and took a picture just like this one. She was terrified of them back then.

Kaleb looks lovingly at his seastar.

Miss Brooklyn had no fear of reaching in and grabbing her own!

Notice that Kyler is soaking wet from his rafting adventure, little did he know that he would be soaking wet the rest of the day.

Kade with a seastar at Sea World, unfortunately he threw a couple of them and I felt it best to leave before we were asked to!

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